The Israel Special Forces (ISF) company manages a wide range of highly skilled private security guards and consultants. With a professional background of serving in special Israeli army units, and extensive training in providing private security services to high level army commanders and government officials, our aim is to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, safety and privacy which they are entitled to.

Our bodyguards and special agents are highly qualified and experienced for their special tasks. All of our ISF bodyguards and agents have served in top units in the Israeli army and are fully qualified to handle terrorist attacks, to fight, and to react to various crisis events and combat situations.

In addition to experience in adeptly managing security projects, our special agents have further organizational skills which adds to the extent of efficiency and successful security implementation. Therefore, Israel Special Forces provides clients with the best possible match and incorporation between individual client requirements and the relevant agent-specific skills.

ISF bodyguards and special agents have gained their vast experience and proficient knowledge over many decades of serving in special Israeli army units before joining ISF. The following are a few instances of special Israeli army units which have previously accommodated the services of our specialized staff :

  • Parachutist Brigade
    Of the best worldwide, this brigade's fighters are highly skilled in all existing warfare, weaponry, guns, knives, open area and built up area.
  • Marine Commando
    Fighters operate both in sea and on land, and are capable of handling any condition, with very high levels of fitness and endurance.
  • Private Security Unit
    A VIP protection unit activated by the Israeli secret services. The unit specializes in providing protection and security to Israeli government officials including the Israeli prime minister.
    This unit’s members are highly skilled professionals in a variety of fighting methods, especially street fighting. The fighters are also proficient in operational driving, handling weaponry, and have a strong background in human psychology.
  • Y.M.M
    The Israeli elite counter terror unit. Fighters of this unit deal with various forms of terrorists and treacherous criminals including assassins.
  • Y.M.S
    The Israeli under-cover counter terror unit. Members of this unit operate under-cover in order to collect intelligence on terror organizations.
    Our staff includes many more bodyguards and agents whom have served in other elite units. For security reasons we are not permitted to provide any further information or details.


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