Providing high quality security services on a global scale, Israel Special Forces is a security company founded in 1992 based in Israel. ISF security company provides extensive services to countless individuals and organizations worldwide. Services vary from corporate consultations, training and solutions for large commercial organizations, to private security and bodyguard services. Through a professional approach to our offered services our teams are highly equipped, experienced and specialized in their respective fields. Such professionalism is of crucial significance as this field requires adept management of fatal near-death situations on a regular basis.

Respecting our client's privacy, we operate via strict NDAs and confidentiality agreements.


General Background on the company Activities

Initially established to provide professional security services for various public and private sectors, the ISF Security company provides the necessary knowledge and expertise applied to state-employed and global security officers, agents, special units, public and/or private sectors.

Due to the widespread demand for Israeli concept security training, the ISF security company provides services and has initiated courses on a worldwide scale.

Private Security Guards

The Israel Special Forces (ISF) company operates a varied scope of highly adept private security guards and consultants, all of whom have professional backgrounds serving in special Israeli army units. Our professionals are highly qualified to appropriately handle terrorist attacks, to fight and react on optimal levels during various crisis events and/or combat situations. While still in service our staff was thoroughly trained in providing rigorous private security services to high level army commanders and government officials. Our main objective is to provide our clients with the paramount quality of services, safety, security and privacy which they seek and deserve.

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