Israel Special Forces Ltd. provides a wide variety of security services within Israel and internationally. Clients include private individuals, small and large-scale businesses and organizations, and anyone in need of special security arrangements.

In the following page outlines specific information about the security services provided by our company. Bear in mind that some services cannot be presented online; while on the other hand we are capable of providing almost any security job.

The company is divided into several divisions :

VIP Protection unit

ISF provides internationally trained bodyguards and consultants, all of whom are highly qualified and specialized in VIP protection, and have held senior positions which entailed regular exposure to fatal near-death situations.

Special Units 

ISF Security Academy is thoroughly qualified to set up extensively trained Special Units for entities such as governments, public organizations and state authorities, amongst others. Each unit is especially designed to meet specific individual client needs, requirements and purposes (anti-terror units, anti-crime units, sniper units, etc.).

Airport Security
ISF Security Academy provides a vast array of airport security services for both domestic and international airports, including services such as air cargo security and comprehensive training of Aircraft Security Officers (Air Marshals).

The ISF Security Academy offers further services such as initial surveys, risk analyses and training in each of the relevant mentioned fields.


Security Systems
ISF Security Academy provides the latest security system technological knowledge and efficient adeptness covering areas of security consultancy, engineering and the like; in addition to providing extemporized assistance in the various structural implementation processes which include planning, installation and operation of security systems.

Loss Prevention
ISF Security Academy has the necessary knowledge, expertise and experience to establish and implement customized “loss prevention packages” which are tailored to individual needs; in order to reduce negative instances such as theft or fraud by employees and/or suppliers and to eradicate shoplifting, sabotage and vandalism.

Security Information Systems and Network
ISF Security Academy creates, provides and maintains thoroughly customized security packages for Information Systems, Internet and Intranet networks.

The service includes an all-encompassing examination and assessment of existing information systems, providing further options, and eradicating and “breaking and entry” possibilities.

For additional information please contact us directly either through our contact page or through the following e-mail address or phone number:

Phone: + 972 3 5774422



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