Israel Special Forces directs its efforts towards achieving the best possible solution for any personal security issue; including silencing threats, resolving kidnappings, returning stolen property, stopping physical or emotional abuse, amongst many other solutions and options.

Our professional experience over the past decade has included many clients whom approached the ISF in personal distress only to find that we implement new and creative ways to succeed in areas where others have failed; ultimately providing our clients with a regained sense of peaceful living. Our clients' comfort and security is our utmost priority, and our special services are dedicated to achieving just that. We can help you, with our qualified specialists in almost any security matter, all issues can be resolved, as we have proven through helping hundreds of other clients. There is no need to live in fear or to be subjugated by any circumstance, the Israel Special Forces operates a vast array of special units that help you find the ideal solution for any situation, regardless of how complicated it may seem.

A few examples of our special units include:

The Israel Special Forces rescue team        

The ISF special rescue team was instigated to provide a variety of unique services for locating missing persons, with services on a world-wide level.

The team is highly specialized in locating and returning missing individuals even in instances of captivity.

Solutions for complicated Conflicts
ISF have established special teams derived from intelligence units in the IDF

The units and teams are extensively trained to research, investigate, gather information and provide creative solutions and alternatives based on a full land research conducted by the team professionals

Trained dogs         
ISF provides special teams with highly trained canines/dogs for a variety of purposes such as: attack dogs, guarding & security dogs, blind-guiding dogs, etc.

Security system managers
Every security project is initiated with a full analysis and assessment of the various vulnerabilities, risks and threats of a given situation. A security file is then built around this analysis by a former Israeli special service expert. The file covers all the risks and relevant solutions and recommendations including all detailed procedures and regulations for the security guards and personnel.

The file therefore creates thorough guidelines and procedures specifically tailored to accommodate the needs and specifics of the VIP client routine and location. The file includes all details for setting the training program for the security teams including all security-related measures, while further recommending a CCTV system and other electronic technology to assist the security teams in implementing and maintaining the security program.

For additional information please contact us directly either through our contact page or through the following e-mail address or phone number:

Phone: + 972 3 5774422

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